Resource Library

The Better Evidence Project’s Resource Library provides access to BEP produced articles and reports as well as academic articles which are made available through George Mason University Libraries’ Mason Archival Repository Service. There are three ways to access the BEP evidence base: 1) View the map below for a simple search of geographically specific materials, 2) check out our partner resources, or 3) search full text materials directly in the MARS repository.

How To Use The Map

The below map provides an interactive, searchable interface of all peacebuilding related resources available in the MARS repository or created by like-minded partner organizations.

  1. Select the search icon in the top green bar
  2. Use the text search option to quickly search across the resources title, abstract, description, and more.
  3. For a more refined search, use the option Resource Type, Country, Year, and Keywords.
  4. Select an orange icon below to find out more information about the available resources. Some locations may have multiple resources attached to them.

Resources displayed in this map will have links to the record in the MARS repository or the website where the full resource can be viewed.

*For the best experience with our map, please use a desktop or laptop and the latest version of one of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.

Partner Resources

Discover recommended evidence reports and policy articles produced by partners.