Current Initiatives

Small Grants

In July 2020 BEP with the support from Milt Lauenstine and the DT Institute awarded two small grants to the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and Horn of Africa Women Empowerment Network Kenya Agency (HAWENKA) to carry out research projects to support the development of evidence-base on peacemaking and Peacebuilding effectiveness from local perspective.

Working Group on Case Studies

This working group explores ways that case studies can usefully contribute to the evidence base that informs peacemaking practice.

Working Group on Peacemaker Security

This working group focuses on research and practical recommendations on how to address emerging threats to the safety and security of peacemakers.

Minigrant Awards

In October 2020 BEP awarded mini-grants of $5-10,000 USD to support short-term research projects that will improve the evidence available to donors, policy makers, practitioners, and scholars in the peacebuilding community, thus strengthening our collective efforts to address the problems of war and violence.