Our Story

How Did We Get Started?

Peacemaking aims to reduce the human and economic costs of armed conflict. To achieve that goal, the peacemaking community needs better evidence of what works to facilitate increased effectiveness and generate more effective financial support for the field. In February 2020, Alliance for Peacebuilding, Milt Lauenstein, and George Mason University partnered to convene an international group of 36 scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and funders to develop a plan to gather and produce better evidence. Together, we developed an institutional hub to initiate, fund, and present useful research in an accessible and convincing way, working with partners and existing platforms.

What Do We Stand For?

The mission of the Better Evidence Project (BEP) is to contribute to stopping and preventing wars by promoting and facilitating the use of evidence to guide the support, design, implementation, and assessment of peacemaking initiatives.

To support this mission, BEP works toward these objectives:

Our Objectives

    • Encouraging decision-makers to base their allocation of peacemaking resources on evidence of what works and what does not work to stop or prevent wars.

    • Collecting and maintaining a growing a body of compelling evidence of peacemaking efficacy, making it available in an accessible and user-friendly online format to donors, practitioners, policymakers, scholars, and local peacemakers.

    • Identifying gaps in the evidence base, determining priorities for projects and research to fill those gaps, assessing conventional wisdom and challenging it where appropriate, and finding the means to carry out and document such projects and research.

    • Facilitating the exchange of useful ideas, information and evidence among donors, practitioners, policymakers, scholars, and local peacemakers. 


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