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Presenting Useful Evidence to Inform Peacemaking Practice

BEP connects the most useful evidence in academia and beyond with policymakers, donors, and practitioners who seek evidence-based insights to guide their work. BEP addresses gaps in the knowledge base in the field of conflict resolution and brings existing evidence to those who help prevent war.

Carter School/BEP academic classroom at George Mason

BEP provides evidence-based guidance for practitioners, donors, and policymakers, thus improving efforts to prevent and end wars. 

What Is The Cost Of Violent Conflict? 

Million Forcibly Displaced

Trillion Dollars ($) a year

Million Face Starvation

BEP Seeks To Decrease The Cost Of War

By presenting evidence of what works in what sorts of peacemaking efforts in what sorts of contexts, BEP supports those who will decrease warfare. BEP is focused on results. When peacemaking is guided by evidence-based insights, it will be more effective in preventing and ending wars, and there will be fewer costs of war. 

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Our resource library hosts sources from our partners in the field, recommended studies for practitioners, policymakers, and donors, and original BEP research.

3 Minute Thesis

BEP’s 3 Minute Thesis is for those looking to understand more, in three short minutes. Explore our topics to get a quick overview and understanding of current issues in the field.

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BEP provides access to informational movies and webinars. Watch for our upcoming materials coming soon, BEP Talks and BEP Podcast.

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Presenting Useful Evidence to Inform Peacemaking Practice

BEP invites partners to join us in harnessing useful research to prevent and end war. Submit your research or suggest other materials for peer review for our Resource Library. Join our pool of reviewers who help discern sound evidence to add to the Resource Library. Help us help peacemakers to be more effective.