Strengthening Connections, Meaning, and Engagement in Conflict Resolution

Facilitated by: Jeffrey Helsing, Executive Director, Better Evidence Project, Carter School

Presented By: Carter School Better Evidence Project

Too often, in conflict resolution work and in the peacebuilding field, we use different terms or mean different things with the terms we use. This hampers our engagement and collaboration between local and international actors or across sectors when working in shared conflict and humanitarian space. This panel will explore how we can more effectively engage with each other rather than talk past each other given the stakes both in the US and globally.

Ann Phillips, Fellow, Center for Peacemaking Practice, Carter School
Chip Hauss, Senior Fellow for Innovation, Alliance for Peacebuilding and Visiting Fellow, Carter School
Stanislava Mladenova, Global Fellow in the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs.