Evidence to Action for Peace

Facilitated by: Jeffrey Helsing, Executive Director, Better Evidence Project, Carter School

Presented by: Carter School Better Evidence Project


This panel session will spotlight the Carter School’s new Evidence to Action for Peace Initiative. It is designed to: Strengthen efforts, both local and international, to prevent armed conflicts, end wars, and build sustainable peace. Bridge theory and practice. Promote and draw upon local and international knowledge and local and international practice. Embody a cycle of continuous learning and sharing. At its core, Evidence to Action for Peace will create a hub that connects and brings together local peacemakers, researchers, donors, and practitioners to take concerted action to prevent and end current wars, and to strengthen peacemaking practice by providing useful evidence to guide peacemaking. It does so by forming a continuous and reciprocating cycle in which evidence is gathered and produced from innovative and local peace partnerships and armed conflict prevention efforts in the field as well as from peacebuilding and conflict resolution experiences and research. By utilizing the breadth of evidence collected from around the world and localized past work, peacemakers can better prepare their programming and draw from the Evidence to Action for Peace Initiative for when unexpected challenges and successes arise.


Jeffrey Helsing, Executive Director, Better Evidence Project

Charles Davidson, Director, Carter School Political Leadership Academy and Head of Local Led Peacebuilding initiative

Ziad Al Achkar, Graduate Research Associate, Better Evidence Project