Emergent Evidence Based Practices Supporting SDG 16

Emergent Evidence Based Practices Supporting SDG 16

Presented by: The Carter School Better Evidence,  September 2021

Facilitator: Susan Allen

Drawing from across local and global agencies, we examine emergent evidence-based practices that support SDG 16 and how the evidence informs this work. Looking at the cutting edge of peace and development work, we consider a) what the new approaches are, and b) how the evidence base informs the development and adaptation of these new approaches. By learning today from the cutting-edge approaches, we encourage further innovation based on evidence to strengthen our progress towards SDG 16, setting an agenda for a field-wide movement to improve practice by improving the evidence base and its accessibility and influence in shaping policy and practice. This discussion highlights the important roles for universities in supporting SDG 16.

Speakers: Margarita Tadevosyan, Interim Executive Director of the Better Evidence Project

Tammy Smith, Senior Advisor, UN Peacebuilding Fund Ekaterina Romanova, Carter School Alumna

Yahoska Berríos, Head of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, Conciliation Resources

Adeline Sibanda, Founder and Managing Director of ADESIM Developments