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These articles, reports and academic sources have been produced by like-minded organizations, as well as Government Institutions and scholars, seeking to reduce the cost of conflict by increasing effective peacebuilding and war prevention strategies.

The map below provides an interactive, searchable interface of all peacebuilding-related resources available in the MARS repository or resources created by organizations or institutions engaged in peacemaking and war prevention.

  1. Select the search icon in the top green bar
  2. Use the text search option to quickly search across the resources’ title, abstract, country of focus, description, and more.
  3. Use the filter option Resource Type to find different types of resources created by like-minded partner organizations.
  4. Select an orange icon on the map below to find out more information about the available resources. Most locations will have multiple resources attached to them. When the box appears, click on Browse Features to pull up the box for each source relevant to that location.  The sources appear one at a time so you must use the arrow at the top of the box to move from one source to the next.
  5. For icons in a location in which the counties are small or close together, the zoom feature is available to magnify the map so that additional icons appear, representing different conflicts/countries.
  6. In each box the source will have a link that will take the user either to the George Mason University MARS repository for the full source or to the outside link where the source is accessible.

 Note: All Resources displayed in this map will have links to the record in the MARS repository or the website where the full resource can be viewed.

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Presenting Useful Evidence to Inform Peacemaking Practice

BEP invites partners to join us in harnessing useful research to prevent and end war. Submit your research or suggest other materials for peer review for our Resource Library. Join our pool of reviewers who help discern sound evidence to add to the Resource Library. Help us help peacemakers to be more effective.