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Produced by like minded partner organizations, these evidence based policy articles and reports focus on the Indo-Pacific geographical region.

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TitleAuthorsSubject KeywordsAbstractLinkCountry Name
Preventing A Conflict Relapse In Papua New Guinea (Bougainville)Elliot ShortDemobilization, Disarmament, Reintegration (DDR), Peacekeeping, Inclusive PeacebuildingA series of international peacekeeping missions helped to ensure Bougainville did not relapse into conflict and created a stable and secure environment for the new administration to govern the region. New Guinea
Sustaining Peace in Papua New Guinea: Prevention in PracticeLesley Connolly and Laurie Mincieliconflict prevention, partnerships, operations management, processesThis paper examines the implementation of the UN’s peacebuilding and sustaining peace framework in Papua New Guinea, looking at what has been done and what is still needed. It focuses on the four issue areas highlighted in the secretary-general’s 2018 report on peacebuilding and sustaining peace: operational and policy coherence; leadership at the UN country level; partnerships with local and regional actors; and international support. New Guinea
Preventing Armed Conflict In Solomon IslandsElliot ShortCeasefire, Governance: Reforms, Peace Processes: Implementation
Negotiations facilitated by the Commonwealth and the Government of Australia combined with the deployment of an international monitoring mission and the creation of a peace infrastructure to prevent intercommunal violence from escalating into war in Solomon Islands in 2000. Islands
Operationalizing the Sustaining Peace Agenda: Lessons from Burkina Faso, Liberia, and Papua New GuineaAgathe SarfatiOperations management, implementation, policy, sustained peaceThe twin resolutions on peacebuilding and sustaining peace adopted by the General Assembly and Security Council in 2016 made a breakthrough in the UN’s conception of peacebuilding. Significant work has since been undertaken to reconfigure the UN system to work toward the implementation of these resolutions, and the UN Peacebuilding Commission has launched a comprehensive review of the peacebuilding architecture to be completed in 2020. To inform this review, this issue brief synthesizes findings related to the operationalization of the peacebuilding and sustaining peace resolutions at the country level. The paper concludes that much of the focus to date has been on improving the effectiveness of how the UN delivers its mandates on peacebuilding and sustaining peace. To fully realize the vision of the sustaining peace agenda, its operationalization must increasingly focus on the impact of these efforts. This requires questioning and testing the theory of change underpinning these operational reforms to ensure the UN is effectively helping societies build the foundation for sustaining peace. New Guinea
Ending the Armed Conflict in Papua New Guinea (Bougainville)Elliot ShortPeacekeeping, Monitoring, MediationThe armed conflict in Bougainville was ended after a decade of fighting by the deployment of a series of regionally led peacekeeping missions and negotiations. New Guinea
Preventing Armed Conflict In France (New Caledonia)Elliot ShortMediation, Governance: Transition, Monitoring/Verification: United Nations
A series of peace agreements mediated by the French government and the ongoing supervision of the UN Special Committee on Decolonisation has ensured that the debate over the future of New Caledonia has not escalated into armed conflict.